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Polyglot Pro is a translation service provider that helps internationally-minded companies to increase their connections and sales in foreign language markets.

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With Polyglot Pro, the world is yours! Expand your business' reach to more than 200 countries with our professional translation services.

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Your market is wayyy bigger than you think! Leverage our expertise to connect with customers, clients and partners the world over.

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Grow your business' bottom by marketing your products and services to more people in more markets.

We Are Borderless!

We use the power of language and technology to reach clients all over the world. Let us help your business to become borderless, too!

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Connect with More People

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Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is: it depends — on what services you require, the number of languages needed, and the scope and duration of the project. Head over to our contact page and request a free consultation to get a quote.

Absolutely! Clients doing lots of work in foreign-language markets have the option of accessing our services on a recurring basis via a retainer.

Yes, our experts are proficient in multiple dialects in our various languages. We are also able to accommodate regional distinctions in spelling and grammar across a single language.

How long it takes us to complete your project depends on what service you use and how much work is involved. For example, we are usually able to translate a webpage of a one-page document within 24 hours; but an entire annual report can take as long as multiple weeks, depending on its length.

Every field has its own lingo. Before we translate a single word, our experts spend time getting to know your business and your sector. That way we can help you to convey your message in a way that makes sense to your target audience.

If you predominantly operate in another language and would like translation into English — you’re in good hands!